Teachers Pay Teachers

One of the single best EdTech companies in operation today is Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). They started primarily as a platform where teachers could sell digital lesson plans to other teachers as well as comment on and review lesson plans they had bought, turning into a sort of Etsy for lesson planning. But since its inception it has evolved into a richer organization which does research and publishes evidence and reports, something that EdTech companies often don’t make fully available. Go check out the booth and have a deeply fascinating conversation with their people.


Paper has been making a lot of noise in the tutoring space as a solution for lower cost homework help and direct tutoring with the students. You can check out their product demo and get some homework help from tutors (who are employees and not simply contractors) from around the country.


We previously reported on Class’ acquisition of Blackboard Collaborate and while they aren’t talking much about exactly what that looks like yet, you can still drop by and test out all the standard Class features in a mock classroom they set up to show how the platform works. 


Come check out the VR experience that Unity’s booth has running! They are excited about getting younger students to learn how to use Unity and allow them to make videos or do game design, even on their lower powered classroom chromebooks (something that Unreal is not especially good at)


A brand new company on the market (recently spinning off from Shared Space Professional Development), Mosaic is showing a lot of promise, both in a very clear use case for its product and in its determination to do something real for education.

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