One of the things that ISTE has highlighted is the issues that so many teachers face when wondering why their online courses go so underutilized, both by the students and their families. But so often the problem comes back to the inaccessibility of the online lessons. Reprinted below is a course design checklist, originally published here as a part of an article and brought to our attention by Erin Eberle who gave an excellent presentation today around LMS accessibility broadly.

☐ Analyze learners to understand their knowledge base and interests (1)☐ Chunk information into manageable lessons (4)☐ Confirm course tasks measure what you want students to learn (11)
☐ Identify what will be covered in the course (2)☐ Explain student engagement and expectations (5)☐ Check that lesson navigation is intuitive (12)
☐ Identify measurable items that the students must be able to accomplish as a result of the course (3)☐ Trigger interaction between student–student, student-instructor, student-content (6)☐ Eliminate extraneous media and information (13)
 ☐ Provide rubrics for assignments (7)☐ Confirm all links work (14)
 ☐ Optimize use of beneficial media (8)☐ Run spellchecker (15)
 ☐ Include opportunities for students to offer feedback regarding lesson format and content (9)☐ Have peer/friend/colleague review work and identify any unclear material (16)
 ☐ Identify contact information for instructor, technology help and student support services (10) 

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