The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a non-profit long focused on the improvement of K-12 education through technology. and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD),a member organization originally founded with a focus on K-12 curriculum, will likely merge in January 2023. 

The last step is a vote by the membership of ASCD that will take place in November. If the plan is approved, The two organizations will combine to create a powerful force for K through 12 leadership led by ISTE CEO Richard Culatta.

According to the ISTE:

As we emerge from the global pandemic, ISTE has taken the opportunity to reevaluate our role in the broader education community. Technology is no longer an optional add-on, but a key tool for all learning.

After careful consideration and a comprehensive due diligence process, the ISTE Board of Directors has voted to merge with ASCD, the standard bearer for instructional leadership at the school and district levels.

The ASCD bylaws require a 45-day consideration period followed by a member vote. An ASCD member vote is scheduled for November, and if the vote is successful, the merger process will begin in January 2023.”

In recent years both organizations have become professional development powerhouses. ISTE put a lot of focus on its certification, especially in its ISTELive 2022 event. The certification  prioritizes digital literacy and course design. ASCD had a more traditional approach to professional development, focusing on things like SEL and resilience, but it also has a huge reach with more than 80,000 members. So while ASCD gets access to professional learning focused on the digital space, ISTE gets to increase the reach of its materials.

The merger isn’t official yet, ASCD’s members will get a chance to vote on it between now and mid-November. But ASCD’s interim CEO, Sandy Husk, doesn’t think it will be voted down. She told EducationWeek “I don’t imagine a world where this won’t move forward”.

This is the second large merger / acquisition that Richard Culatta has overseen, the first being EdSurge in 2019, the leading EdTech publication.

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