I have been taking a look at many of the great courses and panels at ISTE 2022. Through the ISTE virtual program I have been able to audit many of them, but there are too many interesting programs so I will have to go back and watch the recordings to give the rest of them a fair look.. Here are  five programs from Sunday and Monday that stopped me in my tracks and kept me hooked until the end. I’m sure they made me miss other great programs but you will not regret going back and watching the recordings on the ISTE site

Help! I’m Not A Web Designer: Tips to Make Your LMS Better

This woman knows what she’s talking about!” So I did. Erin Eberle Quilinquin had a lot of good tips for making compelling web design and she is a good speaker with a great twitter feed. So many interesting ideas.

AI for Good: Exploring Ethics, Equity, & Digital Citizenship through AI Education

This panel, led by Nancye Blair Black, was a fascinating look into the inequities and values of AI that is permeating our lives. Blair was excellent at drawing the panel out and every participant had interesting things to say. The conversation made me think about what I was ignoring about how AI is only as good as we make it.

So You Want to Work for an EdTech Company?

This was a great panel with many teachers in the audience asking probing questions, and that made me wonder what that says about teacher burnout and the problems schools will have staffing in the fall. But all of the speakers on this panel were compelling and had something interesting to say. Richard Culatta, Chief Executive Officer for ISTE was great as the moderator (And take a look at his speech on the main stage on Monday, very compelling). Jennie Magiera, Google’s Global Head of Education Impact, was wonderful and as a former teacher she had a lot to say to the audience about transferring skills she learned as a teacher into other areas. Anthony Salcito from Microsoft and Deborah Quazzo also had interesting insights.

Top AR/VR Trends to Transform Learning

I love anything to do with AR and VR but this program had some interesting new thoughts and ideas as it relates to education. Jamie Donnelly has been a point person here for AR and VR and  this was a good session. Definitely worth a look.

Strengthen Your STEAM Power Game

Tim Needles may end up as a YouTube star because he is that good.. He was the only speaker at this course and the amount of information he had to pass on was prodigious. He was entertaining and comfortable speaking. He created art and played games while sharing a number of valuable tips and sites. He definitely convinced me that STEM programs would be better off adding art and became STEAM programs. This is a don’t miss.

I know there are more great programs and I will try and watch some of the ones I missed, but you won’t go wrong checking these out. Check back later in the week and I’ll have part two of my favorite courses at ISTE.

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